IJLL Special Issue:July-December 2017

"Recollection as Redemption" - Book by Nandini Sahu

About the Book

Recollection as Redemption : A Study in the Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra, A.K. Ramanujan, R. Parthasarathy and Kamala Das/Nandini Sahu. New Delhi, Authors Press, 2004, xi, 298 p., $39. ISBN 81-7273-179-5.

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Between and two worlds: poetry of A.K. Ramanujan. 3. Between Chronometer and lost love: the poetry of R. Parthasarathy. 4. An impassioned leap: the poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra. 5. Between lust and a tender love: the poetry of Kamala Das. 6. Conclusion: from revival to a meaningful survival. Works cited.

About the book:

"English in India has made a stay today and Indian English Literature has earned worldwide critical acclaim. There is no doubt of the fact that Indian Poetry in English has acquired a regional bias, the poets are definitely influenced by the geographical regions they belong to. In this book, Dr. Nandini Sahu attempts to make a study of the poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra, A.K. Ramanujan, R. Parthasarathy and Kamala Das--the four major voices in contemporary Indian English Poetry--with a view to identifying the significance of recollection as a mode of redemption. Each poet chosen here for study shows a definite, verifiable awareness of the past, the personal or private past, or the past of their cultural history--in order to redeem himself or herself from the forces of time which generate a kind of alienation or insecurity in terms of identity. This study shows how the four poets incorporate memory as a metaphor and use it for therapeutic purposes in the corpus of their poetry."


Anonymous said...

This page is really enchanting.It can give reader a good return for the time he spends in silence.The waxing and wanning makes people unhappy, 'cause, the poet sings "allhappymen are alike". Happiness is in acomplishment. Congrats for this wonderful weaving of crystal words and moods.

Anuja M Pradhan

Dibakar Sarkar said...

I would like get the book. What is the best possible way?