IJLL Special Issue:July-December 2017

Selected Poems of Nandini Sahu Vol-I (Winter 2020)

Selected Poems of Nandini Sahu (Vol-I, Winter-2020), Signorina Publications, New Delhi, 2020, is the first volume of Nandini’s poems from the series of three poetry collections -- Winter-2020, Spring-2021 and Monsoon-2021. Selected Poems of Nandini Sahu(Winter 2020) is a range of her selected poems written between 2004 and 2020. This happens to be one of the seminal books of poetry by Nandini, with a Critical Introduction by Dr.Anand Prakash which presents the multilayered poems of the poet. It’s interesting to note that many contemporary poets of Indian poetry scenario have given fascinating comments about Nandini’s poetry in the collection. The collection is delightful, with multiple voices of poetry of the poet and her aficionados, who, she calls her ‘tribe’. 

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Very Nice.
Legendary Poet Nandini Sahu.Congratulations !
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