IJLL Special Issue:July-December 2017

Amazon's Best Selling author Nandini Sahu's recent poetry collection, A SONG, HALF & HALF

A Song, Half & Half is a  range of Nandini's love poems, written between 14th February 2021 and 14th February 2022. The poems play around the poet’s ideas on complex human emotions, relationships, romantic love, even humour and of course the existential issues of life. The tone and tenor of these poems are a different ball game altogether; here one can notice a sea change in the moods, modes and mores of the mythical poet Nandini. Here, she reveals as much as she conceals. Penned as soliloquies from her covid bed, in memory of her love, and then the rekindling of love in her ‘Ocean’, these are her politically incorrect poems. Here Nandini celebrates an anonymous love that is still knocking her door, and the personae has left the door ajar. 

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